Acceleprise DC Showcase Day

On Monday (Nov 5), right before the election, there was a great demo day for Acceleprise, which is a 4 month Enterprise technology accelerator right here in DC.  The event was in iStrategyLab‘s new office space (nice space!).  Some of the highlights from the demos were:

  • ExecOnline – startup focused on selling business education, shaped by top 10 business schools, to businesses (following the B2C education distruption of Coursera-type companies); sounds like a ripe market for innovation
  • Cor – new name for FitFeud, a corporate wellness engagement platform; cool idea
  • Mercury Continuity – emergency communication solution that uses a variety of technology partners to provide uptime solutions (this is certainly a problem, but I didn’t hear much of their solution in the demo, just that it’s a problem and they have a cool way to fix it that they didn’t share)
  • SIGKAT – an API for professional credentials (degrees, certs), cool idea in the wake of all the online education disruption (this would be a way for people to verify resumes are correct if SIGKAT can get traction with universities and professional organizations; I imagine it’s tough to build momentum in this market)
  • ConferenceEdge – event web application that helps supports the variety of events people have, including national conferences, local events, and webinars (they claimed that the event technology market is $38B; I’m sure it’s tough to compete with cvent on scale and price, but there’s plenty of room for innovation in this space)

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