TechCocktail DC

I had a great time at tonight’s TechCocktail DC ( — here’s my rundown (as if anyone cared):

  • ProspectSnap
  • Speek – Neat idea for telecon’s, though I don’t see companies buying into this shift
  • Distil Inc. – Cool idea for a company
  • Veteran Central – Attacking an important problem (helping connect Veterans and jobs), still refining their execution
  • TIXELATED – Crowdsourcing paying for parties (I feel a little old for this one)
  • Mobillify – Mobile UI tool
  • VentureBoard – Social network for universities to help connect entrepreneur students
  • DoodleOrDie – Cool implementation of alternating doodling and captioning, like Telephone or Buchos Buchos Gali
  • LoveThatFit – Web app that lets women try on clothes virtually (virtual
  • WorkforceGrowth Inc. – New company focused on helping with HR management (sounds like web 2.0 meets Taleo)
  • Outroop
  • Barrel of Jobs – replacing headhunters with chains of social network referrals) cool startup with some polished branding)
  • Smartly – Company focused on helping support mentor-mentee relationships at companies (definitely a problem at large companies, but it would still be so hard to find mentors at a large company)
  • PersonSpot, Inc.
  • DataRPM – Company you can upload data sets up to to get some data visualization done
  • ProConit – Neat idea for people voting with intensity numbers instead of commenting on blog posts

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