3rd Acceleprise Demo Day

Back in late 2012 I went to a great Acceleprise Demo Day, and tonight I caught yet another class of cool companies doing impressive stuff in DC through http://www.Acceleprise.vc (DC-based accelerator focused on enterprise technology):

  • Apozy – sadly I missed this one due to exciting DC traffic (but I’m sure it was cool)
  • Aprefis – uses big data analytics to help companies better price travel services
  • ImageDivvyCloud – creating services to help IT leaders within companies manage hybrid clouds (to gain the benefits of cloud services without losing the advantages of on-premise infrastructure)
  • Encore – monitors social media for brands and provides real-time, actionable email alerts (e.g. sends you a notice when a tweet is trending with your brand’s tribe and recommending ways you can engage); the presentation included interesting analysis of how social media engagement for brands has matured from manual engagement (Excel, Facebook) to reporting to listening (e.g. Radian6) to real-time actionable engagement (e.g. UberVU, Encore)
  • Helpjuice – Hilarious presentation from Emil (founder) about how they create auto-updating knowledge bases for companies so these FAQs better service customers and reduce incoming support email (because people find what they’re looking for); He included a great case study about how coastal.com is saving $65K in tech support
  • LiveRe – a company that provides a way to monitor individual users as they engage with your web platforms and target engagement directly to them; an interesting company because they’re already established in South Korea and now moving into the US
  • PointWorthy – Really interesting premise:  they are creating a platform where users can donate to charities and eventually buy things from online using reward points (e.g. frequent flier miles); apparently rewards points are a huge liability for companies, so they want consumers to use them
  • Resolution Tube – Exciting company that is creating mobile solutions (iPhone app in the video and eventually Google Glass apps) to help service technicians (think the guy who comes to fix a commercial building’s air conditioning) with knowledge management; TRANE (HVAC company) estimates that Resolution Tube is saving them $2.4M a year; they had a polished video that showed how a technician could use the tool to look up content by equipment type and collaborate with relevant experts using mobile augmented reality; some competitors include ServiceMax, TOA Technologies, and Click Software
  • Work America – Creates new employees instead of finding them by setting up dedicated training courses at local community colleges that are taught by a hiring company (the experience is free for the local community college and employees); helping fill the void of blue collar jobs that don’t have enough trained workers

While Resolution Tube wasn’t the most impressive technology solution (or the funniest, which was HelpJuice by far); they were the company I was most excited about because I could see how they were fixing a tangible, significant issue with a solution that I could see being a scalable, viable product; selling monthly app licenses to large companies who want to capture and manage their service knowledge.

(Washington Business Journal has some more detailed summaries of the startups at http://www.bizjournals.com/washington/blog/techflash/2013/05/acceleprise-names-eclectic-third-class.html?page=all)

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