Convergence is Coming

If I had direct influence of a technology product company, I’d make the coolest all-in-one device ever.  People want fewer toys that do more things and I think we’re willing to pay for it.  Many attempts at convergence have failed because companies try to create these patchwork hack jobs where they add some more buttons, throw a bigger screen on something and claim that they’ve replaced all the cool toys everyone uses.

But it takes more than that, people want (read: need) simple, intuitive interfaces.  I don’t think older generations are ready for complex convergence devices, but I think there is a huge population of people, say under 30 years old that would pay a pretty hefty price for something that could replace all the things they want to bring with them but don’t because we only have so many pockets.

Here’s what I want in one device:

* Cell Phone (CDMA and Quad-Band GSM compatible for everyone) – Bluetooth, Speakerphone, and option for no camera (for us defense contractors)
* PDA (Doesn’t need huge complex capabilities, just intuitive sync-ing with Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, and Tasks with common applications — such as Outlook, iCal, etc.)

* MP3 Player – Everyone obviously wants a cool iPod, but something that plays MP3 and non-DRM WMA and AAC with a simple interface would be incredible

* Optional:   GPS Navigation Unit – couldn’t we replace hiking GPS’s and auto Navigation systems in this one unit
I mean, how amazing would that be.  I’d carry my wallet, my keys, and this all-in-one that would do it all.  That’s what I want.  I’ve seen some early glimmers such as the Nuvi, the C710 and the Motorola/iTunes phones.

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