Line-Item Veto and Laser Cannons

I was reading a hilarious article today from The Onion, which reminded me of a discussion about the line-item veto and how incredibly important I think it is for our government to find a way to reign in its absurd habits.  I am certainly unqualified to talk about the effect of US budget deficits, but even my lack of macroeconomics allows me to condemn pork-barrel spending of our tax dollars.  As a government contractor, I’m certainly all for the government spending our tax dollars to keep my coworkers and I employed, but at the same time there should be a significantly-improved fiscal responsibility of spending this money.  I’m not sure if the line-item veto is the correct approach, or if the legislative branch needs to determine a way to better manage its financial decisions, but somehow the government must create a process for spending money without having people pile frivolous projects onto bills to appease their constituents.  Honestly, this isn’t good for their constituents or the country as a whole in the big picture.  We must learn to spend our money wisely and become competitive in a global economy which certainly doesn’t view the US of economically competitive, let alone popular.

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