About Mike

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Hey, I’m Mike. I’m passionate about several things including:

  • Helping noble efforts, like helping the Government better serve Americans (I’m so proud of Halfaker and Associates’ great work in the past supporting Veterans)
  • Using diagrams and images to communicate powerful ideas (I love whiteboards and an iPad with a stylus)
  • Maturing organizations to be more scalable, effective, and resilient (things like Business Architecture, Business Process Management, process improvement, and frameworks (e.g., Strategic Planning, OKRs, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, CMMI, SAFe, Knowledge Management, meeting maturity, Business Continuity))
  • Personal productivity
  • Technology, especially at the enterprise-level (things like how do CIO and CISO-level organizations/programs get organized, prioritized, and managed
  • Learning and applying concepts such as CX, UX, Digital Transformation, DevSecOps, Cloud, and Cyber to solve important problems

If you want to connect, find me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

To see some past presentations and documents I’ve shared, here’s my SlideShare.

Note:  Regarding social media and mikehking.com, I’m not speaking on behalf of any other organization, company, or customer — these are my personal opinions.


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