Analyze your Life’s Story

I’ve recently been reading a great book (with a not so great title, as I think its value is much broader than just career reflection) called Finding a Job You Can Love, which was written way back in the stone age of 1999. It’s written from a Christian view, which I enjoy, but I would caveat that I think the core exercise of this book would be incredibly powerful for anyone, regardless of their faith.

The book’s core exercise is System for Identifying Motivated Abilities® (SIMA®), and it has you identify key achievements in your life, with a focus on events where you both feel you did it well and enjoyed it. After you identify those, you start to analyze each of them to identify commonalities and trends different aspects of those, to identify your nature.

I made this Google spreadsheet as a template for the exercise, called Simplified SIMA Template — I recommend buying the book and using this to analyze your story arc. I found it very valuable.

Here are some other books/systems I’ve found useful when reflecting on who you are and who you want to be:

“Knowing yourself it the beginning of all wisdom”


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