CyberWarCon 2022

Last week’s CyberWarCon was a great event (it was so nice to go to an in-person event and connect with people), all about Cyber War. John Hulquist started and runs the annual conference, which I found especially fun as I’ve been listening to the audiobook Sandworm, all about several global cyber-attacks back in the 2014-2018 timeframe, and John is a lead character in the book.

Jen Easterly, head of CISA, presented the opening keynote, and made some great points — I enjoyed the idea that we need to invest more energy in teaching young kids (K-3) cyber hygiene, like we teach hygiene like brushing their teeth.

The talks covered some interesting trends in influence operations, and some went very in-depth with technical attacks — I enjoyed hearing some of the creative approaches, like Iran is using fake job sites (and fake interviews) to identity people willing to help foreign intelligence services.

Here’s the tweets during the event with the #CyberWarCon hashtag.

It was a great event — well worth your time if you’re in, or adjacent, to this world!

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