Be a Photographer, not a Camera Shopper

Years ago, I was really into photography, and I was excited to upgrade from my film camera (which may sound insane to people younger than me) to a digital SLR, and I got stuck in this loop reading about new cameras, reading reviews, going to the store to try them out for months and months, and my uncle, who was a professional photographer told me something that I remember so well:

Be a photographer, not a camera shopper!

This may sound obvious to people, or maybe not that impactful, but that’s exactly what I needed to hear at that time. I was spending so much time looking at cameras when I would have had more fun picking a camera and using that time to enjoy photography.

I’m a pretty deliberate decision maker (I often take way too long to make big decisions in life), so it was great to get this push from my uncle.

I see this applying to other parts of life too, things like:

  • Don’t study/review/compare diets or exercise types instead of incrementally better or getting exercise. Looking at diets or exercise options/devices on your phone isn’t getting you in better shape!

Now to be fair, sometimes it’s well worth the time (especially depending on your personality time) to slow down on big decisions (e.g. buying a house, buying a car) to analyze, but it’s important not to swing the pendulum way over to the analysis-paralysis phase where you’re stuck in analysis mode.

One comment

  1. Profound advice if it keeps you from analysis paralysis. Arguably, there is a time to be a camera shopper but the “buy” decision needs to be based on data. Data can only come form inspecting, experimenting, and adapting.

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