Digital Whiteboarding from Home

I’m a huge fan of whiteboards for collaboration and design. I find it is so powerful when you’re working through something something conceptual — it could be a process, or a technology conceptual architecture, org chart, or just about anything.

For anyone who also loves whiteboards, but is struggling with everyone working from home, I recommend you check out a stylus. I had assumed they were no good, based on experiences years ago, or I wouldn’t use them and it would just be an expensive thing that would sit on my desk, but thanks to COVID-19, I find I use my style all the time to sketch.

These days, I’m a big fan of the combination of:

  • Logitech Crayon (because it’s cheaper than the Apple Pencil)
  • Apple iPad
  • Microsoft OneNote (which I used to hate, but Microsoft is moving so fast these days, improving everything, and OneNote is so much better than a few years ago!)

If you’re passionate about this field, you should also check out the International Forum of Visual Practitioners, this CreativeLive class on Visual Notetaking, and/or some of these great diagram types/tutorials from LucidChart.

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