iDEAFest2020: Lessons Learned Building an Enterprise Security Program

iDEAFest2020 is a great new virtual conference, which is a new two day event that started yesterday and will end later today (April 21-22, 2020). It’s a diverse set of speakers talking about Agile, process improvement, cyber security, customer experience, leadership, and many other domains.

While it’s hard for a virtual event to be as powerful as an in-person event, especially missing out on meeting new people, I think iDEAFest does a great job of exposing people to a diverse set of ideas, so you’re not just hearing about domains you’re already immersed in.

I love their tag line:

…Great ideas can’t be quarantined!

It’s been a great conference so far, and I enjoyed presenting (see my slides below) an introduction to, and discussion on lessons learned, from building an enterprise information security program.

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