Affordable Video Conferencing

As a small business CIO, video conferencing has traditionally been split into 2 extremes:

  1. Expensive solutions of enterprise vendors like Polycom and Cisco
  2. Consumer experience of using the webcam in your laptop with something like Skype or Google Hangouts

I’m excited to see that some technologies are starting to popup in between these — things like:

I’d like to see solutions that better integrate with Microsoft (MS) Exchange/Outlook — perhaps Lync will add integrated audio conferencing and the ability to run on Chrome OS.  Chromebox for Meetings looks like a great solution, but small businesses who use Microsoft Exchange would struggle to use Chromebox for Meetings without having users connect with their personal gmail accounts, which isn’t a professional experience.

The problem is that Microsoft and Google are trying to increase the value of their ecosystem, so integration isn’t a top priority.

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