Why I’m a huge fan of the Kindle Touch

Jason Calacanis blogged earlier this week about the Cult of Amazon Prime, and made some great points.  I’m a huge fan of everything Amazon, including Prime and their Kindle e-reader devices.  I made a list of why I’m a huge fan of the new Kindle Touch as it’s been a topic of discussion recently with several friends:

  • It’s a great break from the information overload technologies like iPhones and iPads (this is why I avoided the Kindle Fire)
  • You can preview the first chapter for free on most Kindle books
  • You can highlight phrases and sentences you like, and Amazon keeps them consolidated in a central place where you can review your highlights
  • You can carry your collection of books with you easily
  • It powers on instantly, is easy to read in most lighting conditions, and it’s lightweight
  • It’s an immersive, simple interface (see Greg Nudelman’s post about immersive interfaces)
  • You can email your Kindle PDF’s to read later
  • It has a simple model of showing your most recently read books at the top of a list (and you can make folders of books if you’re so inclined)

My favorite aspect though is that it makes it easy to read, which I appreciate.

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