Billmonk is dead is finally completely dead (to my knowledge).  I’ve enjoyed the free web service since Feb 2006, but after months of random error messages it appears to be complete dead.  As I try to recreate my outstanding IOU’s, I’ve been shopping for alternatives which is surprisingly difficult.  Some options I’ve seen so far are:

I’m interested in finding a new solution that isn’t going to collapse, so I’m looking for something with a revenue model or strong backing.  My initial analysis (me looking to see which websites look well made, competent, and stable) has been leaning toward Buxfer.  Any suggestions?


  1. I’ve used buxfer in the past and it works very well. Too bad billmonk is dead. I’ve been using buxfer since last year and just wanted a change of pace so switched to billmonk. Liked it a lot but now it is unresponsive. Extremely bad on billmonk’s part in not keeping the customers posted. I’m very disappointed.

  2. Is their any way I can get details of how my dues. Many people owed me money and the only place where I tracked it was billmonk.

  3. Thanks for reaching out Peter, I’m enjoying trying out splitmybill.
    Yash, thanks for the feedback — I’ve been checking buxfer out too.
    Varun, I’m don’t have any words of wisdom on except to keep trying, I’ve been able to log in to intermittently, if you have any luck I would download your content (billmonk supports export into CSV and XML).

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